Best Home DJ Speakers: Top Picks for House Parties! (Updated July 2017)

Best Home DJ Speakers

The best home DJ speakers should fit you perfectly. Finding a home speaker which fits within your budget while still maintaining high-quality materials is a bit hard.

I’ve researched the internet for hours to help you in your concern.

At the end of the day, we just want a good sounding gear.

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Best Home DJ Speakers for 2017


Model Name





KRK Rockit 8 Powered

Studio Monitors


M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers

M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch

Active 2-Way Speakers



Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Reference Speaker


KRK Rockit 8 Powered Studio Monitors

If you have been involving yourself in the industry, you might have already heard of KRK. But if you’re new, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this particular company.

The reason why it has gotten the interest of most DJs is because all – if not most – of its speakers and monitors are in excellent quality. And for some reason, they still manage to keep it at low price.

For this particular unit, you’re given a 100w which makes it perfect for home use. The general sound output is decent to great, it’s definitely something to look forward to as it gives you a loud and clear sound.

KRK Rockit 8 Powered Studio Monitors

As what I have mentioned earlier, these set of speakers have it covered. KRK has made the unit dynamic, controlled, and finally, engaging as well.

If you’re going to put it up with different frequencies, this one is capable of handling them all. You’ll be able to hear true and clear sounds at a different ground.

You can guarantee of an awesome experience listening to both low and high volume. But for my taste, its low-end is the most impressive.

Due to its 8 inch of a woofer, the sound which the speaker emits is pretty clear. Thus, it makes it a struggle to distort. At the rear, you’re able to change the volume, and modify both high and low frequency.


  • Affordable Price
  • Clear Sounds
  • Hard to Distort
  • Great Quality


  • Initial issues with noise

M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers

When it comes to getting the job down, you can bet M-Audio’s going to do a fine job. The company has been in the business for years and have been known for their digital music production.

If there’s anything we can say about the company is that it totally destroys the wall between what’s a professional DJ and someone who just started out thru their products.

These babies are being independently powered. It gives you an impressive 8-inch woofer. For its partner, you’re give in a 1 inch tweeter.

M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers

Looking closely at the speaker, you’ll find its rear panel as where the inputs and outputs are being located. You can also find the volume controls together with the frequency controls.

As expected, it produces awesome quality. Its range is pretty notable, too. It’s coming from dynamic and engaging. You’ll experience no concerns with high volumes. Throughout the experience it’ll remain as it is.


  • Impressive Sound
  • Dynamic and Engaging
  • No Noticeable Distortions


  • Doesn’t have RCA input

Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Reference Speaker

Right out of the box, you can surely appreciate its features. One of the things we’ve noticed right away is its auto stand by switch – not a lot of speakers have this.

As to how to make it work, the moment it has been engaged, it gives the speakers an okay signal to go into a certain mode. Once a good 25 minutes have come to pass, it automatically goes to sleep mode.

Don’t worry though, it’s highly sensitive. It goes back in the game as soon as it gets the signal right away. We’ll be honest, this offers a pretty decent sound. But I wouldn’t go as far and say that it’s amazing.

Pioneer S-DJ80X Active Reference Speaker

This is especially so when this one is dealing with higher levels. But if you’re going to go for the brand, it has already made a name in the industry for a long time.

As for the price, you might be asked to pay more than its worth. While it does have a really cool feature, there are other which we’d recommend. The build is great, though.


  • Known brand for its quality
  • Solid build
  • Stand by switch option/feature


  • Bass might be muddy

Some Things You Need To Consider

We really can’t just pick anything and just call it a day. Whether you like it or not, there’s a process which you have to go through in order to get the best speakers in town. You may check it down below:

Should You Go For Sub or Meh?

I’d consider this as one of the crucial points when choosing speakers. Now, the main reason why it plays a vital role is because adding a sub would be a great boost for the bass. It enhances what originally was in the mix.

It mostly depends on what are you going to use it for. For instance, if you’re after a club-like feel or a full-blown studio, you might need it.

Otherwise, a sub would totally be useless for playback.

But since we’re talking about the best home DJ speakers, you don’t need a subwoofer. If your main activities often involve monitoring mixes, then it would be best to stay away from a woofer.

So, What’s This ‘Speaker Rating’

If you’re going to choose carefully, a really nice set of monitors is already sufficient. It’s enough to give you the bass muscle to satisfy your needs. As to the reason why we don’t want to tackle with systems which are dependent on subs.

Sound Quality Is Essential

Of course, if you’re going to purchase a speaker which offers terrible sound quality, it defeats the purpose itself. Ideally, what you want to hear is a speaker which delivers all two areas perfectly.

You may know them as dynamic, varied and controlled. I know, you’re confused. What the hell am I talking about – well, here’s what:

Dynamic Sound

For this one, it’s able to give you the entire range to satisfy what you want. This means it can tackle on deep bass up to serving up a pretty impressive mid and up and beyond. This includes higher registers as well.

You’ll be able to pinpoint really solid kick drums and awesome bass line. It’s the perfect place for hearing up some clear snares with hi hats. Dynamic sound enables you to get that needed cut thru the mix.

It’s only natural as a DJ that you carry the role of being able to pinpoint sound as which is which without any concerns.

Dynamic Sound

Controlled Sound

As for this one, it give you the assurance that no loss with be tolerated. The bass is ideally deep.

However, it’s far from being muddy and punchy. But it carries the task of not being distorted, too. When we talk about high-frequency sound, this usually refers to your typical cymbals and horns.

In this area, it shouldn’t distort in any way. What your goal is to find monitors which offers captivating sound. This grants you the chance of hearing instruments perfectly.

This includes frequencies as well in a certain track. You won’t be able to get them in if you’re going to use lower grade system. I’m talking about what people usually use, Apple ear-buds.

Controlled Sound

I’ll give you some example for better judgement. The moment you engage yourself into purchasing some really good set of monitors, you can tell right away its in-depth quality.

It means the effects in the sounds are distinguishable. These could be the two – reverb and echo. With a neat set, you can even pinpoint instruments that you wouldn’t be able to. This includes a 2nd or 3rd guitar.


Since your purpose is far from the idea of proposing a mind-bulging party, you don’t have to get a massive speaker system. Usually, practices that are done at home and as well as jamming only needs a bit of push than its hard-hitting counterpart of a purpose.

But you have to make sure that you’re not getting something that’s lower than what you need. Getting an under-powered gear is going cause problems in the future (and maybe money, too.) For a home speaker, it should be able to cover your bedroom or living room. So it should be at around the average watt system. If you’re going for what’s around a hundred watts then it would already be enough.

Assuming that they are really made with high in quality materials and parts, you can lower is watts. If you’re choosing a 40 watts speaker, it should already suffice.

Here’s a neat tip you can use for when you’re choosing the best home DJ speakers, if the unit needs you to pump up the volume more than necessary, it only means it doesn’t provide high-end sound quality.