Best Mobile DJ Speakers: Systems, Reviews, and Comparison (Updated for July 2017)

Best Mobile DJ Speakers

It doesn’t matter who and what you are, but you’re bound to need the best active speakers for DJ. I’ve been a solid weekend warrior for years now.

The only problem is…finding the best mobile DJ speakers which could fit within your means of budget while having the versatility we want is pretty damn hard.

If you're looking for more speakers, or best powered DJ speakers guide is here. Update for 2017!​

Let’s Cut To The Chase: What’s The Best Mobile DJ Speakers?


Model Name




LyxPro SPA-8 Compact

LyxPro SPA-8 Compact

8″ Portable PA System

(Best Mobile DJ Speakers)


Bluetooth Loudspeaker PA cabinet Speaker System

Bluetooth Loudspeaker PA

cabinet Speaker System



Pyle 15in Powered DJ

Speaker Bundle


LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8″ Portable PA System: Our Best Mobile DJ Speakers of Choice

LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8″ Portable PA SystemIf you’re looking for an awesome portable amplification, LyxPro SPA-8 is a great choice. This comes in with flexible inputs, trustworthy output, and gives off enough muscle to crank up the program.

In addition, it gives you smart music control as well without missing a beat of its audio reproduction. You’re able give off quality presentation in any venue and environment you’re put up with.

It’s a great speaker for Mobile DJs as it rather lightweight, it only weighs at 14.7 pounds, making it REALLY easy to carry around. Let’s not forget its compact size which screams to be taken anywhere.

Assuming you’re after the answer to your problem for a portable speaker which still gives a powerful knack, you’ll like its boundless range of apps.

Its input feature offers a 1/4 –inch jack. It also gives you a line for your mic as well as a XLR, RCA, and R/L jack line inputs. Let’s give them credit as the XLR line gives you the option of connecting to another speaker.


  • Easy-to-Use EQ
  • Loud Applications
  • Active All-In-One
  • Music Player


  • Wheels are hard to use

Bluetooth Loudspeaker PA cabinet Speaker System

Love It Because: It Has Bluetooth Capability​

Bluetooth Loudspeaker PA cabinet Speaker SystemIf there’s anything prominent with this one is its Bluetooth technology. You can easily connect it with your chosen audio devices. This could be your cellphone, tablet, or your computer.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to stream music, a single click is enough. As well as connecting to Spotify directly. You can also utilize its 3.5mm AUX-input.

At the back of the speaker, you can see the control panel for an easier access of your sound. But if you don’t want to, you can always go for its remote control (for free.)

Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming Ability – Works with Bluetooth Compatible SmartPhones (iPhones), MP3 Players, Tablets, etc.

It delivers a pretty decent power output, too. It comes with a 300 Watt RMS and 600 Watt Peak. If that is not enough, you’re sure to love its 1’’ Titanium Diaphragm.

Overall, we’d say this is a value for the money kind of speaker which is good for mobilization.


  • Verrrry portable
  • Bluetooth device enabled
  • Easy to connect to


  • Definitely not for large venues

Pyle 15in Powered DJ Speaker Bundle

Great Coverage, Easy Setup​

Pyle 15in Powered DJ Speaker BundleDo you want a wide-coverage speaker? Check this out because this might be the best mobile DJ speakers for you. You’ll love its high-powered sound for the job. It has been created so that you could enjoy its flexible audio playback features.

This also comes in with a full range stereo sound reproduction. Now, what really takes the cake away for Mobile DJs is its speaker stand. This allows you to save time on the setup at any venues.

You can deliver an awesome time for the people with its 15” subwoofer. And it doesn’t stop there, it has a handy 1” tweeter and titanium diaphragm compression driver to give you a boost as well.

Pyle 15in Powered DJ Speaker also lets you enjoy Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming (which is as good as Bluetooth Loudspeaker PA from above) and of course ports for flash drives and SD cards.

If you’re into Karaoke, its wire mic is pretty useful. Otherwise, you can take it for a spin for crowd control.  Talking about convenience, it gives you an LCD display screen.

Thru the screen, you’ll be notified of the song, artist, and other details. This is coming from your MP3 audio.


  • Wide sound coverage
  • High-powered sound
  • Music streaming functionality
  • Easy setup time


  • Heavy on the bass end (it's a con depending on your preference)

What’s The Point of a DJ Controller?

As of today, there are at least 3 elements of a DJ controller. Let’s check these out:

  • If you happen to see a control area where it has nothing but knobs and buttons. Along with pads and jog wheels, these types are best for giving you a hands-on experience as a DJ.
  • You basically have complete control over all of the functions in a software. You’ll be able check out the system status via Displays and LEDs. As well as being indicated of its audio levels, and many among other things.

  • For the next one, we have an audio interface. Now this one in particular works in transmitting signal to other external devices. This is typically your PCs, mobile gadgets, and your PA system.
  • Overall, it all goes down to the connector type. And lastly,

  • It’s the most recent among the three elements. This gives you the power to control over tablets and even your cellphone applications. You’ll be able to find this in the latest DJ controllers.

Currently, it’s now being made possible DJ software has been made easier thru the utilization of a mouse and keyboard. I wouldn’t recommended this for everyone, this may take A LOT of time to dig up menus.

One of the reasons why DJs who are tired of the endless process of digging, tend to go for a hardware controller. It makes operation and configuration easier for their software.

Just like how you must be considerate when choosing different devices, there are factors which you have to think about as well. For mobile DJs out there, one of the key points to remember is the build quality.

Of course, the control system should simplified as much as possible. Just make sure you’re fully confident of its layout as to fit to your needs. Most importantly, check out the software.

I’m Confused: Which One’s First Controller of Software?

DJs who don’t want to be given the problems of choosing usually would go for an all-in-one controller. Let’s continue with our discussion with your ideal Software Platform as it’s considered to be the first thing you need to get done.

DJ controllers always have a partnered software. Usually, you can say that it’s a scale-down variety of the maker’s full-blown software.

If you’re starting out with your DJ career, I would recommend that these limited offers are kind of an okay deal. However, you’re going to need a better one in the long run.

Chances are you’re going to look forward to the manufacturer’s full version. So when you plan on purchasing on a controller, add this to your costings to give you a better grip of your budget.

You might think that a DJ controller with its hand-on feature is awesome because it gives you the opportunity of controlling the sliders, knobs, and other knickknacks.

Overall, it gives you a swift run on your apps. However, it’s not really the controller that’s doing the magic. But it’s the software itself.

Take into mind that a software gives off the needed effects and filters. As well as other important things like beat juggling and transitions. This is what the groundbreaking EDM does.

What’s a Native Instruments Traktor?

Here’s a really fun fact (not really): Native Instruments or NI is part of the pioneering companies which targets both hardware and software incorporation.

As of the moment, because of their powerful production of software with proficient controllers, the company’s NI Traktor Pro is a significant piece of a DJs overall performance and production.

Now, the company, Native Instruments, have been inventing Traktor-based software for their clients. To get more people involved, it comes in with a focus of different costings and skill sets.

There are a few others which offers video capability. If you really want to step it up a notch, there are advanced versions. And it’s gives off a lit software when compared to the others.

One of its strongest points is the remix deck idea. It gives you the power to control components of music. This may include dicing, slicing, and many more.

You can say that it delivers a modifiable layout which is a great advantage to your style. You can freely create one which fits you the most.

But since we’re talking about Mobile DJs, TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 would do the trick for you. Its compact feature makes it fitting for a mobile DJ. Also, this type is touch-sensitive.

Generally, it gives you the integration of a hands-on experience. We’d recommend this for professional performances.